Hogswatch Voucher

  • Hogswatch Voucher

Happy Hogswatch!

Want to give the gift of Discworld Convention tickets or merchandise to a loved one (or yourself) this Hogswatch?

Then buy a Hogswatch voucher!

Available in 5 convenient monetary amounts:

  • Tusker - $25
  • Gouger - $50 (equivalent to a Supporting membership)
  • Snouter - $100
  • Router - $180 (equivalent to an early bird Child/Concession Attending membership)
  • Hogfather - $210 (equivalent to an early bird Adult Attending membership)

We will send an email to the recipient of your gift on or before 24th December 2023, with a discount code that they can use to purchase any item from our website. This includes:

The small print:

The Hogswatch voucher discount code can only be used once, for one order in the website shop. If the amount of the order is not the full amount of the voucher, then any leftover money will be applied as store credit to the purchaser's account. Store credit is automatically applied to any future purchase, without needing to use a discount code. Voucher discount codes will expire on July 31, 2024 (two weeks after the convention). You will be copied on the email sent to your gift recipient so you'll know what the discount code is - but if you use it, then your gift recipient won't be able to!

This is a "virtual" item - nothing will be posted to you. All you will receive is your invoice/receipt by email, and you and your gift recipient will receive an email containing the Hogswatch voucher discount code.

Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

  • $25.00



Please double check this is correct!

You don't have to use your real name if you don't want to!

  • $25.00

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