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Note for 2019 Nullus Anxietas 7:

Online ticket sales for Nullus Anxietas 7 have closed.  Day passes will be sold at the door.

As the Convention did not sell out, there is no waiting list.

On-sale of tickets from people who are no longer able to attend is permitted until 29th March 2019, and must comply with our on-sale of tickets policy.  We suggest visiting our Facebook group to contact people wishing to on-sell their tickets.

Note for People on Waiting Lists or Wishing to On-Sell Tickets

If the convention has sold out of memberships, we will maintain a waiting list of interested parties.  Submission of your name for this waiting list implies your consent for the Committee to release your name and contact details to members wishing to on-sell their tickets. Likewise, an approach by a member for assistance in on-selling a ticket implies consent to release name and email address to a prospective Buyer.

Please fill in the form the below to go on the waiting list for tickets to the Australian Discworld Convention and its associated events.

Currently no tickets are sold out, so please head to the shop and just purchase your tickets there!

Once you are on the relevant waiting list, you will be contacted in case of someone who is unable to attend and wants to on-sell their tickets to you. Please refer to the on-sale of tickets policy, which applies to all types of tickets.

Please note that all on-sale of tickets, including letting us know about the changes, must be done by 10th March 2019 (Gala Dinner and Tours) or 29th March 2019 (Attending Member Tickets).

Please also note that even if you are on the waiting list you are not under any obligation to buy a ticket from someone selling theirs. If you are unable or do not want to purchase the ticket that is being on-sold, you can just say "no thank you" and we'll offer it to the next person on the waiting list. Of course, in this case, we won't come back to you with another offer!



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As of 12th April 2019

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