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PLEASE NOTE: It is now too late to go on the waiting list - all membership transfers currently in progress must be completed by Friday, July 21st

Please fill in the form the below to go on the waiting list for tickets to the Australian Discworld Convention and its associated events. If tickets are not marked here as SOLD OUT then they are still available and you can directly go and buy the tickets now.

Once you are on the relevant waiting list, we will contact you in case of someone who is unable to attend and wants to on-sell their tickets to you. Please refer to the on-sale of tickets policy, which applies to all types of tickets.

Please note that all on-sale of tickets, including letting us know about the changes, must be done by July 7, 2017 (Gala Dinner and Tours) or July 21, 2017 (Attending Member Tickets).

Please also note that even if you are on the waiting list you are not under any obligation to buy a ticket from someone selling theirs if we contact you. If you are unable or do not want to purchase the ticket that is being on-sold, you can just say "no thank you" and we'll offer it to the next person on the waiting list. Of course, in this case, we won't come back to you with another offer!



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As of 4 Aug 2017

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