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Flying in a Fortnight!

Only a fortnight... that's two weeks... that's fourteen days... to go! Is everyone getting excited for their tour?

Your Tour Timetable!

After months of careful planning, we now present to you The Discworld Grand Tour Timetable! The timetable shows you where and when you can experience all the activities on your tour. To find out what all the activities are, be sure to read the Events and Activities page.

PLEASE NOTE: The timetable may yet still change, so if things are different when you arrive in two weeks, please be sure to grab an updated timetable from the ...

Twoflower in Adelaide!

With only three weeks to go until the Discworld Grand Tour, a very special guest has arrived in Adelaide - Twoflower!

Follow the Australian Discworld Convention on Facebook over the coming weeks to see Twoflower's adventures and take a guess at where he's been taking selfies!

Last chance to upgrade or on-sell!

If you're one of the few remaining supporting members, you must upgrade your supporting membership to an attending ticket by Friday, July 21st. Failing to do so will mean you won't be able to attend the convention.

If you are unable to attend but have ...

Entertainment on Tour!

Wow, only four weeks to go until THE DISCWORLD GRAND TOUR! There's a lot of information below, so please take the time to read through it all! We'll try to be as brief as possible.

Hurry! Time's almost up!

  • Gala Dinner Ticket Sales close TODAY, FRIDAY JULY 7th. So if you want to attend the biggest of balls, buy your ticket today.
  • Wine Tour Ticket Sales close TODAY, FRIDAY JULY 7th. So if you enjoy a good fermented grape, buy your ticket today.
  • Gourmet Tour: We have two seats available for tickets to be on-sold. However, you ...

Departing Soon

Only FIVE weeks until our tour gets under way! I hope everyone has started planning their packing list!

These updates will be coming weekly until the convention, just to make sure you've always got the latest news.

Last chance offers!

Under Construction

With only seven weeks to go until the convention, our construction of the Discworld Grand Tour and its timetable (of activities) is well under way. Unfortunately, a spanner just got thrown in the works of our engine(see below) but we will still steam on and ensure that your tour goes ahead with as little deviation to the route as possible.

Venue Renovations

The Lakes Resort Hotel has just told us that they will be undergoing renovations during the time that the convention will be running. This is indeed unfortunate, and messes with the tour plans, but we will persevere ...