The Australian Discworld Conventions are run by various state-based incorporated associations. All associations are not-for-profit.

Australian Discworld Convention NSW, Inc.

PO Box 183
Emu Plains
NSW 2750

Incorporation Number INC9892541
ABN 54 798 264 734

See also Mended Drummers and Western Drummers.

Australian Discworld Convention, Inc. (Victoria)

PO Box 3073
Vic 3163

Incorporation Number A0045882K
ABN 64 511 095 656

See also the Victorian Discworld Klatch.

Round World Events SA, Inc.

PO Box 37
SA 5039

Incorporation Number A41159
ABN 43 424 521 083

See also the City of Small Gods.

Fan Clubs in other states do exist - but they are not incorporated associations.