Melbourne - Victorian Discworld Klatch

Victorian Discworld Klatch - Celebrating the works of Sir Terry Pratchett since [insert year here]*

*with thanks to the wording for the oath in Guards! Guards! -[ roundworld equivalent to around 2004]

SALUTARIA and hear ye hear ye!

We are the Victorian (Australia) chapter of the Discworld fans. If you get this far, we're guessing you are a fan too! We'd like to welcome you to the family! Please come in and grab a place, tell us all about your Discworld Journey, and don't mind the exclamation marks!

Get involved!!

Our year kicks off with the Hogswatch Picnic - usually in early January, [your deity of choice] willing - and continues with gatherings on the 4th Sunday of each month, or as close as possible factoring in major events/public holidays. We usually have either online or in-person events to cater for the fact that our members may not be able to attend in person or might be remotely located. The only month we don't gather is December.

Our regular events are:

  • January - Hogswatch Picnic (dates varies but usually earlier in the month)
  • April - Drinks for Terry's Birthday (28th April 1948)
  • May - Glorious 25th May aka Lilac Day
  • With a scattering of other meetups later in the year

Other events include board game days, online crafternoons (bring a craft or learn one), movies, escape rooms, attending community theatre, and other activities.

We are also regulars at the various pop culture events around Victoria.

We have tables at Nerdmania in Shepparton, Bendi-con in Bendigo and PopCon in Ballarat.

Around Melbourne we also often have tables at events held in local libraries.

We can also be found wandering the halls in our cosplay finest at SupaNova, PAX and ComicCon.

Tell us!!!

We love to support community theatre groups. If you - or someone you know - is doing a Discworld play, please reach out to us so we can help you promote it amongst PTerry enthusiasts.

The same goes for other community and fan events: if you see something Pratchett, let us know!

Share your Discworld-related memes and links to our Facebook page, and find a captive audience for your Pterry-related projects!

We will be like the followers of Om and spread the word to all our followers.

Run the show!!!!

The committee meets on the evening of the first Tuesday of each month, and we welcome whomever wants to contribute to the running of the Klatch.

Email your interest to

Find us!!!!!