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The Uberwald Maskerade ExtravOrganza!

Ladies and Gentlemen of all persuasions - and Nobby Nobbs - are invited to join Madame Sharn, Pepe, and Jewels for an afternoon of 'culcha' and delight that is the Maskerade.

Come and experience costumes at their very best, swished and twirled by their talented creators for you to ooooh and aaaah over their brilliance. This will be followed by the Talent Quest - a menagerie of costumed talent performing for your entertainment. Don't forget to also view the amazing creations in the Prop Competition.

It's all very well to be in the audience - but more fun to be had if you could be the entertainment!

Maskerade Entrants 2017

The Maskerade is a traditional Discworld Convention event which comprises three competitions:

  • The Costume Swish and Twirl - show off your costume and costuming skills of your favourite character from the Discworld (or even one you've made up yourself!)
  • The Talent Quest - Can you sing, dance or act as your character? Perform a skit or a song and entertain us! (Mimes will be prosecuted1)
  • The Prop Competition -Are you a maker rather than a performer? Enter your creation2 to show off your crafting skills.

The Uberwald Maskerade ExtravOrganza will be held on the Saturday afternoon of the convention with entertainment provided by you! Prizes and glory will go to the winners in all three categories.

How to enter:

  1. Pick a category: Costume, Talent or Prop
  2. Read the rules and guidelines.
  3. Fill in the appropriate form:
  4. Start working on your costume/act/prop!


Maskerade entrants 2019

1 Hung upside down in the Scorpion Pit.

2 Preferably not reanimated living tissue. "It's Alive!" may be a good mad scientist catchphrase, but who's going to clean up the mess?