Gala Dinner

Lady Margolotta's Diplomatic Ball

Lady Margalotta (by Brydie Waters)Lady Margolotta is delighted to announce she will be hosting a Diplomatic Ball to celebrate the coming together of anyone from everywhere during the auspicious occasion that is Nullus Anxietas 9 - The Australian Discworld Convention.

Come join your fellow [insert relevant species here] to swap witty anecdotes, secrets, not really secrets because everyone already knows them but you think it's still a secret, tales of far off places or the local establishment down the road, forge new alliances or just meet up with old friends and acquaintances1.

Lady Margolotta2 will be opening up the doors to The Castle3 on the evening of Saturday 13th July 2024 for this wondrous event.

Dress to impress in your finest clothing, be that a gown in your favourite colour4, the shiniest micromail5, or the fashionable or unfashionable garb you prefer for polite society.

Tickets for the Diplomatic Ball are available for purchase in the shop and are priced at $85. (Ticket sales have now closed). This will cover a delightful meal6, entertainment, dancing and more7.

If you have dietary requirements these details can be added when purchasing your ticket, and we will ensure you are catered for8.

Ticket sales closed on 9 June 2024. Ticket numbers are limited as Lady M's ballroom is not as large as everyone thinks.



1 And basically let Lady M collect as much information as she wants.

2 Though most likely Igor.

3 Don'tgonearthe.

4 Definitely black and pink if you want to keep favour with Lady M.

5 As you don't want any chafing while dancing.

6 Igor is already busy polishing the silverware and sorting the out the china.

7 We need to have some surprises for you!

8 Although this being a Black Ribboners event, ze b-vord is off the menu.