Charity Auction

Our Charity Auction event is a fundraising activity for causes close to our hearts. We’re very proud of the difference we have made to past recipients and with the generosity of our convention attendees, we know we will again.

Auction goodies at previous conventions have included rare items signed by Sir Terry and/or other authors, first editions of our much loved titles, official artwork, and handmade items from our attendees. You might pick up little trifles as mementos of the convention, but you might also be the winner of a BIG memento!

There will be an auction booklet in your convention bag containing all of the items you can bid on, and instructions on how to do it.

A variety of the 2024 auction items

Just some of the auction items available to bid on!

Main Auction

The Main Charity Auction is held on Sunday morning of the convention.  This will be a fast-paced, noisy session - we’re predicting raucous laughter as our auctioneers separate you from your loose change, tell you tales of auctions long past, and how this year will be even better. The backstories of the donated items are sometimes even true.

Remember - Keep your paddle high, don't hesitate, and if you’re trying to out stare someone, don't get distracted by sticky sweets.

Silent Auction

Some items mentioned in your auction booklet will be part of the Silent Auction - which allows for easy, long thinking bidding. The item (or a photo of it) will be displayed along with a bidding sheet, and if you want to bid on that item, write down your name, badge number, and the amount you want to pay - and as long as it's a dollar more than the previous bid, you'll be in the lead! The person with the highest bid at closing time wins the item!

Payment for all items - both in the main and silent auction - takes place during/immediately after the main auction on the Sunday morning of the convention. Please note: Nac Mac Feegle gold and Ankh Morpork dollars and will not be accepted

Our Charities

Bat Rescue SA

Bat Rescue SABat Rescue South Australia is dedicated to safeguarding and rehabilitating South Australia's bat populations amidst increasing challenges. The organisation's goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release bats, recognising their important role as a keystone species. They are dedicated to preserving the bats' ecological significance as nocturnal pollinators, seed disperses, and contributors to pest control for farmers.

Bat Rescue South Australia is volunteer led. Their rescuers, carers, and specialist vets are located across South Australia, and their work wouldn't be possible without them.

For more information, visit

Writers SA

Writers SAWriters SA is the state's peak organisation for writing and literature, putting South Australian writers at the forefront of national literary culture. A member-based not-for-profit, they nurture deeper connections, create vital opportunities and industry pathways, and support writers at all stages, through an array of literary programs, festivals, services, and events.

Writers SA offers a year-round program of literary workshops, events, and courses, both in person and online.

For more information, visit