Discworld conventions run on volunteers. All of the committee are volunteers, but we're only a small group and any additional help is needed!

You can be anywhere in the world to help out, but there are a few positions which will need Sydney locals, and others which require you to attend the convention (of course!)

Convention attending members are heartily encouraged to become part of the show by volunteering. The only requirement is enthusiasm. The ability to find chocolate at any given moment is just a bonus.

There are many different ways you can offer your time and skills. You can specify exactly what you'd like to be involved with or particular times you'll be available, either way all help is greatly appreciated.

Convention volunteers are also (fondly) known as Gophers. There will be a Gopher briefing on the first day of the convention where you can meet the Volunteer coordinator and learn what will be required and where you'll be asked to help, but we'll take all the pre convention lock ins we can.

If you want to volunteer to run a session on the programme, to help out with security, first aid, tech, photography or videography, or even just as a general helper/gopher, please complete the form below.

For Nullus Anxietas 7a in 2021 - We are currently looking for Committee volunteers!

  • There will be a number of positions available on the committee with specific responsibilities.
  • In order to be on the committee, you will need to be an organised person – i.e. you are good at organising yourself and others. You will also need to have good time management skills, and work to deadlines (and not leave everything to the last minute).
  • If this sounds like you, please fill in the form below with information about your area of expertise, or the area you'd like to work in (publicity, membership, audio/visual tech, graphic design, etc).
  • If you are keen to be involved but don't think you would fit the qualities required of a committee member that's OK! Please still complete the volunteer form and we'll find a job for you to do. General volunteers (who are happy to do a task if told exactly what to do) are definitely needed!  (It's just that in order to be on the committee, you'll have to do the organising yourself, rather than being told exactly what to do)

Please note that volunteering does NOT get you a free ticket - you will still need to purchase an attending member ticket.



Your city, state, country

Tells us the roles you are interested in, or what sort of thing you'd like to do in general.

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