Tickets and Membership

Membership Types

When you buy a ticket/membership to Nullus Anxietas 9, you become a member of the convention - we want everyone to be involved in making the convention a memorable experience.

We use the terms 'ticket' and 'membership' interchangeably - so there's no real difference between buying a membership and buying a ticket. The distinctions between these terms (where it matters) is explained below.

Supporting Membership

Buying a supporting membership helps to support setting up the convention, and acts as a holding deposit for your place at the convention. However, it does not enable you to attend unless you upgrade. As an added bonus, you can attend all virtual online events we run!

To attend the convention, a supporting membership must be upgraded to an attending membership by paying the difference between the supporting membership price and the membership price at the time that you purchased your supporting membership. In this way, you can buy a supporting membership during the early bird sale period, upgrade it later and still pay the early bird price.

You may upgrade in a single payment or by paying several set-price installments. The upgrade from supporting to attending membership will close 6 weeks prior to the convention (31 May 2024). If you still wish to upgrade your ticket following this date you will need to contact the Membership officer. Note that upgrades after 31 May 2024 will not retain the early-bird price guarantee, and you will need to upgrade to the standard ticket price.

Your membership number (e.g. S014) is allocated as a supporter, and if you choose to upgrade, you'll keep the same number (e.g. it will become A014).

Upgrading from four supporting memberships to a family membership is not available via our shop. Please contact the Membership officer if this situation applies to you.

Attending Membership

An attending membership allows you to:

  • Have fun with lots of other fans of Terry Pratchett and his writing.
  • Attend all three days of the Australian Discworld Convention at the convention venue.
  • Access to all convention events at no extra cost (except for the gala dinner and organised activities outside the three-day Convention timeframe, if any).
    • Note: some events may have limited number - for example, craft workshops and Klatches (small intimate chats with guests)
    • Workshop places are generally assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Klatch places are generally assigned by a random draw from everyone who nominates.
  • Receive a membership badge to be worn at the convention.
  • Receive a convention bag with various goodies and information on arrival and registration at the convention.
  • Receive a souvenir convention book, with information about convention events and other fun stuff.
  • Be listed on the Membership List.
    • (To be listed as 'Hidden', please check the appropriate box when purchasing your ticket.)
  • Purchase (via pre-order) special convention attendee-only souvenir merchandise, such as the convention t-shirts.

Ticket Types

Note that where we specify an age constraint, we are referring to the member's age at the time of the start of the convention (12 July, 2024).

Adult Ticket

For adults and children ages 16+, except where Concession applies.

All persons aged 16 and 17 attending the convention, who are not accompanied by a membership-holding adult, will need to provide a letter to the convention committee containing contact details of a responsible parent or guardian, and written permission stating that the parent or guardian has approved their attendance at the event.

Concession Ticket

For full-time students (16+), pensioners, seniors or other valid concession cardholders. Members must provide proof that they qualify for the concession at the time of the convention. If your circumstances change before the convention, please contact the Membership officer to discuss how best to change your ticket.

For persons aged 16 and 17 attending the convention without an adult, please see the requirements listed above.

Child Ticket

For children aged 6-15. Children aged 15 and under attending the convention must be accompanied by an adult (18+) holding an adult or concession ticket.

Young Child Ticket

For children aged 0-5. Children 5 and under may attend the convention free of charge They must be accompanied by a parent/guardian (18+) holding an adult or concession ticket. Young children must still be registered by "purchasing" a Young Child ticket for them, at no charge.

Family Membership

A family membership is an easy and cheap way to purchase two adult and two child (6-15) memberships. Conditions for adult and child membership tickets apply as described above.

Terms and Conditions

We want you to enjoy yourself during the convention, but we have a few rules and guidelines to ensure that everyone has the best possible time. Please be sure to read through the terms and conditions of membership before purchasing your tickets. Please also see our code of conduct.

If you have bought a membership and can't attend...

If you purchase an attending membership, but are then unable to attend, you may sell your ticket on to a new member. For further details click here.

If the Convention or Gala Dinner tickets are sold out...

We have a limited number of tickets available to attend the convention, and smaller limited numbers for special events such as the Gala Dinner. If the convention or these events are sold out, and you are still hoping to attend them, please join the appropriate waiting list. If people are unable to attend the convention or Gala Dinner, we will pass on the details of the person at the top of the relevant waiting list so that tickets can be transferred using the On-Sale of Tickets Policy. Entering your details on this list implies consent for us to release your details to the potential sellers of these tickets.

Last updated: 13th April 2024