Membership Terms and Conditions

Conformance to the following terms, conditions, and policies is a condition of membership. Members agree to the following Terms and Conditions and to abide by the following policies while at the convention, or while wearing a convention membership badge. Operations (Ops), Security, or Committee members have the authority to respond if they observe any violations of these policies. Violations by members may result in warnings or the revocation of membership without refund.

If membership is revoked, no refund will be due and the violator will be asked to leave convention or event areas immediately. In any dispute over the interpretation or enforcement of any policy, the decision of the Australian Discworld Convention Chairperson shall be final.

Please also see the code of conduct.

Terms and Conditions

Registration at the Convention and Membership Badges

Members must register to have access to the convention and its related events. Attendance at the convention (and related events) requires that you possess a fully paid membership to the Australian Discworld Convention (or other event) and can present valid proof of identity at registration and upon entry to the venue/event.

At registration you will receive information about the convention or event, and your membership badge for the convention. Your membership badge must be worn at all times in the convention or event areas and when participating in other Australian Discworld Convention events including pre- and post-convention tours. Membership badges, if lost, are able to be replaced at Ops with a temporary badge for the duration of the convention.

General Conduct

The Australian Discworld Convention is intended to be a safe and family-friendly environment. Please review our policies regarding specifics such as weapons and lost parents below. Also know that each event is covered by our general policy that all members, guests, and dealers are expected to behave in a manner that does not endanger the safety, property, or well-being of others. Stealing or intentionally damaging property belonging to the hotel or others is cause for revocation of membership, without compensation or refund, and immediate removal from the convention or event.

Behaviour that endangers the health, safety, or wellbeing of others is inappropriate. Harassment, bullying, verbal abuse, or physical abuse are not permitted. Inappropriate behaviour that comes to the attention of Ops, Security, or Committee members will be dealt with as deemed appropriate by the Committee and may result in revocation, without compensation or refund, of membership. If membership is revoked, the offender must leave the venue or event immediately. In addition, hotel security or local law enforcement may be contacted if Ops, Security, or a Committee member believes it to be prudent or necessary. To ensure safety and allow for security at the convention, certain acts are not permitted. These include, but are not limited to, roughhousing, and dangerous or irresponsible behaviour in the convention or event areas. Parents are expected to keep their children from endangering themselves and others at all times. See the section titled “Child and Minor Memberships" below for additional policies concerning children.

There is a wide array of people helping to make sure the convention runs smoothly and efficiently. Please respect our volunteers, convention committee and venue staff. If they ask you to do something reasonable, please do so. Use common sense and be nice. This is a family fun event run for fans by fans, and everyone is doing their best.

Photographs and Promotional Material Policy

Members who attend the Australian Discworld Convention or other related events are granting their permission to be photographed or recorded by individuals authorised by the Convention. Such images or footage may then be shared with attendees, used for promotional purposes for future conventions, or be subject to other reasonable uses. By purchasing your membership you implicitly grant the Australian Discworld Convention permission to use such images or footage for archival, promotional or other reasonable purposes.

If you would like to take photographs or video footage during the convention, it is courteous to ask permission of the people you wish to photograph or film. Please note that taking photographs or video footage of people on stage during events is generally acceptable unless otherwise specified, although please do not use flash photography. There may be events or parts of events where video is not permitted and you will be informed of this at the event.

Guests, Events and Activities

Announced events, activities, and guests are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. Every effort will be made to announce any changes via our website but sometimes last-minute changes will occur. Upon the cancellation of an event, activity, or guest, all efforts will be made to find a suitable replacement; however, please be aware that circumstances may prevent this.

Australian Discworld Convention Hold Harmless

By applying for membership, purchasing a ticket, or attending the Australian Discworld Convention, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organisers of the Convention, Round World Events SA Inc. and their assignees and agents from any claim for personal injuries or other damages or equity arising out of any individual's activities at the Australian Discworld Convention or other related events, even if such injury or damage is caused by negligence by or on the part of the Australian Discworld Convention or their agents and assignees.

We will offer sympathy, but we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property, or for injuries sustained during the course of the convention or related events. First Aid assistance and a lost property box can be found at Ops. While First Aid assistance will be provided where practicable, it remains the responsibility of the individual to seek appropriate medical advice and care.

Child and Minor Memberships

The overall policy of the Australian Discworld Convention is that we celebrate all ages and encourage youth to join! At the convention, every member of a family should be registered for convention membership, regardless of age. A Membership Badge will be issued to each attendee, including children. Even young children (5 years and under) and infants need to be registered, although there is no cost associated with their membership.

We want to give children of all ages the opportunity to participate! Parents and guardians attending the convention with their children remain responsible for their children and their children's behaviour at all times. Children under 13 must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times the children are at the convention.

Children 13 and older may attend events and activities on the convention programme (other than offsite events such as pre- and post-convention tours) without a parent or guardian, but the parent or guardian remains liable for the child, the child's behaviour, and any damage done by the child. By registering a child, the parent or guardian agrees to assume this liability. While the entire convention is intended for people of all ages, certain portions may not be suitable for children. Parents and guardians should use discretion when deciding whether a particular event or activity on the programme is suitable for their children. If you have any questions, go to Ops.

Please note that, while some activities are specifically designed with younger members in mind, childcare is not provided at the convention or related events, and children under 13 participating in these events still need to be supervised by a parent or guardian.

All family members must wear their Membership Badges while at the convention so that Security or Ops can assist in the case of lost parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are asked to ensure that their children know where to find Ops and how to identify a Committee member. Any child with lost parents should go to Ops or approach a Committee member to ask for assistance in locating the wayward adults.

Parents and guardians are asked to provide emergency contact information both for themselves at the event (mobile phone number - parents/guardians are also encouraged to write this on their child’s membership badge) and for someone offsite in case the parents/guardians are unable to be reached or become incapacitated. There is no event-wide paging or public address (PA) system so the contact information you provide is the only way we will have to contact you. If a child is lost or in need of emergency care, and their parent or guardian is not able to be located, we may attempt to contact the emergency contact, if one is provided.

All persons aged 16 and 17 attending the convention, who are not accompanied by a membership-holding adult, will need to provide a letter to the convention committee containing contact details of a responsible parent or guardian, and written permission stating that the parent or guardian has approved their attendance at the event.

Costume Props and Replica Weapons

Props and replica weapons are welcome at the convention, within reason. Replica weapons may be displayed as long they are recognisable as obvious fakes. All weapons must be taken to Ops to be inspected and labelled before being carried at the convention. Be prepared to show any staff member your weapon to make sure that it conforms with the rules. If your weapon is deemed too dangerous to be carried around, it can be left in your hotel room, or at Ops, and retrieved only in special circumstances (such as the Maskerade) as long as this has been cleared by Ops. No bladed weapons or functioning projectile weapons (including but not limited to water pistols, nerf weapons, silly-string guns, ping-pong pistols, crossbows or gonnes) are permitted. Any weapon (replica or prop) used in an offensive manner will result in the expulsion of the involved attendee(s). Any wizards' staffs must have knobs on the ends.

Payments and Money Matters

All memberships are normally non-refundable. Members who have an outstanding balance must settle that balance before being permitted to attend the convention - this includes memberships purchased using the instalment plan. If a member is unable to attend the convention or events such as the Gala Dinner or tours, they are fully responsible for any on-sale of their own ticket and the resolution of all membership information updates the convention will require in such circumstances.

The Australian Discworld Convention cannot involve itself in financial transactions or disputes between individual members, and cannot divulge information about an individual member to any party other than to banking officials or legal authorities unless direct written permission from the member involved is provided. The exception is to provide email addresses of people on the waiting list for convention or gala dinner tickets to potential sellers and vice versa, if requested, in accordance with the On-Sale of Tickets Policy.

Items purchased from external dealers at the convention are not the responsibility of the Committee; in the case of any dispute, please contact the dealers directly to resolve it.

Hotel Matters

Hotel accommodation arrangements are between the hotel and the member. As such, any action contrary to hotel policy may result in eviction. Please be mindful that each of us represents the convention and please act in a manner that reflects well upon the convention's reputation. The person in whose name a room is rented is solely responsible for the conduct of all individuals in the room as well as for the condition of the room. The convention committee will not intervene in any disagreement between the hotel and a member staying in the hotel.

When booking your accommodation at the hotel, be sure to inform them of any special requirements you may have (dietary, mobility, etc). It is not the responsibility of the Committee to inform the hotel of your personal accommodation/dietary requirements, except in the case of the Gala Dinner.

Please do treat hotel facilities with respect at all times. We may wish to come back.

Modification and Additions

These terms and conditions may be reasonably modified and additional reasonable or necessary policies may be adopted. In particular, changes may be necessary for the convention to abide by SA state laws and venue requirements. Members will be notified of any significant changes. Current policies, and terms and conditions, will be published at Your attendance at any Australian Discworld Convention event designates your agreement to abide by all published policies as at the time of the event.

Last updated: 28th May 2022