Can You Lend Us a Hand?

Two Igors with a Spare Hand (from the 2007 Australian Discworld Convention)

It's been a little over a month since the Virtual Discworld Fun Day and the announcement of the next Australian Discworld Convention, Nullus Anxietas 9 in 2024.

If you missed the announcement, you can watch our "thpooky" video here. and buy your Supporting Membership in our shop.

Don'tgonearthe Castle in Uberwald

The committee (and their subcontractors, We R Igors) are working very hard behind the scenes to sort out more details, such as finding a location and more precise date for the convention. However, putting together a convention takes a lot of volunteer time and effort... and we will definitely need your help to make everything happen.

Would you like to be on the committee?

We are looking for enthusiastic, organised people to take leading roles in the convention organising committee. For now, we're looking for the following positions:

  • Design and Art Lead
  • Guest Liaison
  • Merchandise and Con Bags Coordinator
  • Safe Spaces Coordinator

Job descriptions for committee roles can be found on the Volunteers page. Please fill in the volunteer form while you're visiting.

If you have not been on a Discworld convention committee before, we would prefer you to be Adelaide-based, so that we can mentor you in your position. However, we are happy to accept volunteers from anywhere in Australia!

We will be looking to fill other committee roles early in 2023, so if you're keen to come on board in an organising capacity, even if for something other than the positions listed above, please also fill in the volunteer form.

Are you an amazing visual artist?

We are also looking for people to contribute their Discworld fan art for the convention's publicity, convention book, merchandise and more. If you enjoy making great art - whether your medium is paints, inks, coloured pencils, or a computer - we'd love to hear from you. Please fill in the volunteer form if you are willing to help us out.

Do you want to run a session? Or just help out in another way?

We are more than happy to hear from any volunteers who want to contribute to the convention, whether that's organising a panel, workshop, or performance, all the way down to our 'gophers' who are happy to 'go for' a coffee for desperate committee members or guests. If you want to volunteer - whether for something specific, or just to be given a job - please complete the volunteer form. It's still a little early for us to worry too much about some of the nitty-gritty details yet, but we'd still love to know that you'd like to be involved.

A dustpan with a small pile of dust, and a card saying "The Uberwald League of Temperance" (from the 2017 Australian Discworld Convention)

Relive the Virtual Discworld Fun Day

Back in June, we had a lovely day with lots of great sessions celebrating the Discworld and Terry Pratchett. If you happened to miss it, you can catch most of the day up on our Youtube Channel.

Videos include: Pratchat discussing The Carpet People, a virtual Escape Room, the Maskerade, Snippets from the Discworld Series, a book discussion on Sourcery and the Discworld Quiz.

If you'd like to run the virtual Escape Room "A Surprising Escape" for your friends, you can download the source material for it from our website.

The cast of "Snippets from the Discworld Series" from the Virtual Discworld Fun Day, 2022

We'll be in touch!

Thank you all for sticking with us over the past few years, and we hope to hear from any of you willing to volunteer to help us get the next convention off the ground - we'll be in touch with more news when it's ready to announce.

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