It's Spooky Month!

On Roundworld, October means Hallowe'en 1 and so we wish you a spooky month! It's a perfect time to read one of Terry's books set in Uberwald - Carpe Jugulum, The Fifth Elephant, and The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents. Maybe you'll get some costume or activity ideas for the Uberwald-themed Nullus Anxietas 9 in 2024? The last book might be a good one if you've not read it before, in anticipation of the upcoming film version of The Amazing Maurice which hits cinemas in January 2023.

Australian Discworld Convention Update

The Nullus Anxietas 9 committee is hard at work trying to find a suitable hotel, and we're also working on coming up with a snazzy logo to reveal to you... but we're not quite there yet. A tremendous thanks to the 51 people who've already taken the pledge of the Black Ribboners... er, I mean, of being a supporting member of the next convention2. Want to add to our numbers? Buy your supporting membership in our website shop

Can You Lend Us a Hand?

Two Igors lend a hand

We are still looking for enthusiastic, organised people to take leading roles in the convention organising committee. Right now, we're looking for the following positions:

  • Guest Liaison
  • Safe Spaces Coordinator

Job descriptions for committee roles can be found on the Volunteers page. Please fill in the volunteer form while you're visiting. If you have not been on a Discworld convention committee before, we would prefer you to be Adelaide-based, so that we can mentor you in your position. However, we are happy to accept volunteers from anywhere in Australia or the World!

We will be looking to fill other committee roles early in 2023, so if you're keen to come on board in an organising capacity, even if for something other than the positions listed above, please also fill in the volunteer form.

Thanks to those who responded to our last call for volunteers - we promise to be in touch when more things are organised! We are still more than happy to hear from any volunteers who want to contribute to the convention, whether that's organising a panel, workshop, or performance, making art for us, or just generally helping out as a 'gopher' who are happy to 'go for' a coffee for desperate committee members or guests.

If you want to volunteer - whether for something specific, or just to be given a job - please complete the volunteer form. It's still a little early for us to worry too much about some of the nitty-gritty details yet, but we'd still love to know that you'd like to be involved.

Night Watch in Brisbane

The Brisbane Arts Theatre continue their long tradition of Discworld Plays, bringing Terry Pratchett's Night Watch to the stage from October 15 until November 26.

Night Watch

You can find out more and book tickets on their website.

The Pratchett Partisans fan club will be heading along on opening night, so why not join them and meet some new friends in your area!

Quiz Long And Prosper: Quizpocalpyse in Adelaide

The City of Small Gods Terry Pratchett Fan Club presents the post-apocalypse revival3 of our popular science fiction and fantasy themed quiz night, Quiz Long and Prosper: Quizpocalypse on October 8th 2022.

Quiz Long and Prosper: Quizpocalypse

Find out more, and book your seat/table here. This quiz will be a fundraiser for Nullus Anxietas 9 - The Australian Discworld Convention, so we'd really appreciate your support!

We'll be in touch!

Thank you all for sticking with us over the past few years, and we hope to hear from any of you willing to volunteer to help us get the next convention off the ground - we'll be in touch with more news when it's ready to announce.


1 At least in the US, and where its influence spreads far and wide...

2 We owe you a cup of cocoa and a sing-song.

3 The first was in 2013, and the most recent in 2019.