Introducing our Very Special Guests!

Introducing our Very Special Guests!


  • Special Guests
  • Calling Cinderella... there's a ticket waiting for you!
  • Charity Auction donations
  • Know a CMOT Dibbler? We're looking for dealers
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Special Guests

No Discworld Convention is complete without special guests, and so we are proud to announce that the following wonderful people will be appearing in person at Nullus Anxietas 9! You can find out more about them on our website.

Tansy Rayner Roberts

Tansy Rayner RobertsTansy is a Tasmanian author of many science fiction and fantasy books. Her highly popular essay collection Pratchett's Women is now being followed up with regular articles on Pratchett's Men in the new online magazine Speculative Insight. READ MORE.

Pratchat Podcast - Ben McKenzie and Elizabeth Flux

Elizabeth Flux and Ben McKenziePratchat is a monthly Terry Pratchett and Discworld book club podcast where Ben and Elizabeth read and discuss one of Pratchett's books or short stories with a special guest - and not just the Discworld ones! Ben is a performer, writer, game designer and teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. Elizabeth is a freelance writer with a focus on film and pop culture. She is the current Arts Editor for The Age, Melbourne's major broadsheet newspaper. READ MORE.

Pat and Jan Harkin

Pat and Jan HarkinDoctors Pat and Jan are long-time fans - and friends - of Terry Pratchett. They are regulars at Discworld Conventions all over the world, with Pat acting as the Discworld Auctioneer at many of these events. READ MORE.

Karen J Carlisle

Karen J CarlisleKaren is a writer and illustrator of Victorian mystery, steampunk, fantasy, and cosy(ish) murder mysteries with a twist, who lives in Adelaide with her family and the ghost of her ancient Devon Rex cat. READ MORE.

And more...

In addition to the wonderful folks mentioned above, we will have several other Virtual Guests calling in from interstate and overseas to chat to you at scheduled sessions. More information about them coming in a future newsletter! You can also keep your eye on this webpage as it may be updated with more guest information ahead of any announcement.

Calling Cinderella... there's a ticket waiting for you!

Cinderella, where are you? Do you want to go to the ball?

Glass Slipper

A very special Fairy Godmother has pre-purchased an attending membership and gala dinner ticket to go to an even more special Cinderella, and this generous (and anonymous) benefactor has tasked the committee to find that person!

If you or someone you know would love to attend the Australian Discworld Convention but is finding it a struggle (financially or otherwise), then please send us an email to to nominate this person as our Cinderella, and let us know why you think they (or you) deserve it! They will need to organise their own pumpkin coach and place to stay, but the membership and gala dinner have already been paid for. Nominations will remain open for a short while, and the committee will contact Cinderella (and their nominator) when a decision is made.

Charity Auction Donations

At every Australian Discworld Convention, an auction is held to raise money for charity. Although we are not quite ready to announce which charities yet, we'd like to ask our community: do you have anything you would like to donate to go into the auction? This could be something like a highly rare and sought after collectible, or a self-made work of art or craft - anything that could raise some good money for charity. Please send an email to as soon as possible describing your donation (and attach a photo if you can) and it may be considered for inclusion in the auction.

The item will need to be brought to the convention and handed in to Ops on Friday 12th July. Please note that all donations need to be listed in the auction booklet, and so we cannot accept any donations that have not been pre-approved prior to the convention.

Know a CMOT Dibbler? We're looking for dealers

C.M.O.T. Dibbler

Next to the Embassy (Ops) will be our Market Square - a space where things may be bought and sold! We will have space for up to three dealer tables here, and we're looking for expressions of interest for anyone wanting to take one!

If you or someone you know has a small business selling art, craft, books, or other items that you think attendees would be keen to purchase, please fill out this form.

Expressions of interest only at this stage. Dealers do not have to hold a convention attending membership.

Everything you need to know

Here are some quick reminder links about where to find out information about the convention:

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