Virtual Guests, Glass Slippers, and Sausage-Inna-Bun

Virtual Guests, Glass Slippers, and Sausage-Inna-Bun

Australian Discworld Convention 2024 poster, featuring Igor bringing the turtle Rina to life with lightningIN THIS ISSUE:

  • Virtual Special Guests
  • Calling Cinderella... there's a ticket waiting for you!
  • Know a CMOT Dibbler? We're looking for dealers
  • Upgrading Supporting Memberships
  • Gala Dinner and Merchandise

With only three months to go until Nullus Anxietas 9, all of our Igors are working feverishly in the Lab, creating a very special monster of a convention for you!

If you're in Adelaide, keep an eye out for our posters which should be going up around the city over the next few weeks. You can even download and print your own copy to put up in your office, local coffee shop or bookshop (with permission, of course!).

Virtual Special Guests

In addition to our wonderful in-person special guests announced in the previous newsletter, we are fortunate to have a plethora of virtual special guests Zooming in from overseas and interstate. Find out more about all our guests on our website.

So far, we have confirmed virtual appearances from the following people:

Rob WilkinsStephen BriggsColin SmytheProfessor Ian Stewart

Rob Wilkins worked with Terry Pratchett for more than twenty years, first as his personal assistant, and later as his business manager.

Stephen Briggs has collaborated with Terry Pratchett on many projects over several decades. Stephen has also (co-)authored Discworld maps, diaries, companions, cookbooks and more.

Colin Smythe published Terry's very first novel, The Carpet People in 1971, and has been working with him ever since, becoming Terry's agent just as Discworld was getting started.

Professor Ian Stewart is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Warwick and a Fellow of the Royal Society. He is a co-author of The Science of Discworld series.

Read more about these guests on our website.

Marc BurrowsVicki LarnarchJim HareJay James Moody

Marc Burrows is a comedian, musician, and journalist from the UK. His 2020 biography The Magic of Terry Pratchett won the Locus Award for best non-fiction

Vicki Larnarch, Jim Hare and Jay James Moody have been working for over a decade to bring Good Omens: The Musical – based on the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman – to the stage. In early 2024, they met with Neil in Sydney to discuss the work's progress.

Read more about these guests on our website.

We may have a few other virtual guest announcements still to come!

Calling Cinderella... there's a ticket waiting for you!

Cinderella, where are you? Do you want to go to the ball?

Glass Slipper

A very special Fairy Godmother has pre-purchased an attending membership and gala dinner ticket to go to an even more special Cinderella, and this generous (and anonymous) benefactor has tasked the committee to find that person!

If you or someone you know would love to attend the Australian Discworld Convention but is finding it a struggle (financially or otherwise), then please send us an email to to nominate this person as our Cinderella, and let us know why you think they (or you) deserve it! They will need to organise their own pumpkin coach and place to stay, but the membership and gala dinner have already been paid for. Nominations will remain open for a short while, and the committee will contact Cinderella (and their nominator) when a decision is made.

Know a CMOT Dibbler? We're looking for dealers

C.M.O.T. Dibbler

Next to the Embassy (Ops) will be our Market Square - a space where things may be bought and sold! We will have space for up to three dealer tables here, and we're looking for expressions of interest for anyone wanting to take one!

If you or someone you know has a small business selling art, craft, books, or other items that you think attendees would be keen to purchase, please fill out this form.

Expressions of interest only at this stage. Dealers do not have to hold a convention attending membership.

Upgrading your Supporting Membership

If you have only purchased a Supporting Membership so far, but plan to attend the convention, you will need to upgrade to an attending membership. Please do this prior to 31 May 2024 to keep your early-bird ticket price (if you bought your supporting membership prior to 31 January 2024) and to guarantee your place at the convention.

Gala Dinner and Merchandise

Thank you to everyone who's been buying Gala Dinner tickets and pre-ordering merchandise so far – we really appreciate it!

There are now fewer than 50 Gala Dinner tickets remaining, so please get in quick if you want to have a lovely meal with your fellow convention attendees at Lady Margolotta's Diplomatic Ball.

If you would like a Scarf, T-Shirt or Coffee Mug, we also encourage you to make your order in the next few weeks. Quantities will be limited once we put our order in with our suppliers, and there is no guarantee that we will have any spare items for sale at the convention itself.

Lady Margolotta's Diplomatic Ball (Gala Dinner)Convention Merchandise: T-Shirt, Coffee Mug and Scarf

Everything you need to know

Here are some quick reminder links about where to find out information about the convention: