Your Name In Lights!

Your Name In Lights!

This pune or play on words brought to you by We R Igors in association with the Guild of Undertakers, Embalmers and Allied Trades.1


  • Better than a Poke in the Eye
  • The Uberwald Maskerade ExtravOrganza
  • Upgrade your Supporting Membership by May 31st
  • Volunteers needed!
  • New merchandise: Enamel pin
  • Recommend your favourite authors
  • Important due dates to remember

Better than a Poke in the Eye

In addition to our already amazing guest line up, we would like to announce a few more virtual guests:

Jason and Rachel Anthony-Rowlands

Jason and Rachel Anthony-RowlandsJason started Discworld Monthly - the premiere e-newsletter about all things Terry Pratchett - almost by accident and acted as editor for over 26 years. Rachel joined Jason in writing and editing Discworld Monthly in 2013. In 2023, they expanded their coverage to include other authors, and rebranded as Better Than a Poke In The Eye - because Terry had said exactly that about Discworld Monthly. In addition to this, they run the Llamedos Holiday Camp, a Discworld Convention in Wales. Read More on our website.

The Uberwald Maskerade ExtravOrganza

Shatta in association with Bububble Fashion Magazine invite you to the Uberwald Maskerade ExtravOrganza, where YOU are the star!

Maskerade from the 2019 Australian Discworld Convention

The Maskerade is a traditional Discworld Convention event which comprises three competitions: The Costume Swish and Twirl, The Talent Quest and The Prop Competition. Prizes and glory will go to the winners in all three categories. Visit the website for more information, the rules and guidelines and the entry forms for all three categories.

Upgrade your Supporting Membership by May 31st

For those of you purchased a Supporting Membership, now is the time to upgrade! We can only guarantee your place - and your early bird discount (if applicable) - if you complete your upgrade before May 31st. Don't be a stupid sucker and leave it too late!

Volunteers needed!

All Discworld Conventions are completely run by volunteers - and we need your help to make the convention the best it can be.


Right now, we are looking for the following specific volunteers:

  • Activity Organisers: We have a handful of pre-organised activities that just need a coordinator. We can let you know the details we have, and you can develop the idea further if you like!
  • Photographers and Videographers: If you like taking pictures, or can run a video camera to record our events, we want you to join the Press Corpse!
  • The Watch: We need several people to be our 'security' force - mostly just making sure queues are orderly, making sure everyone's wearing their membership badge, and keeping an eye out for incidents.
  • Gophers: If you're just happy to be an able body to 'go for' a coffee, or to spend an hour helping out in Ops, we still need general volunteers.

All volunteers need to complete the volunteer form and we'll be sure to get back to you with more information.

New merchandise: Enamel pin

Nullus Anxietas 9 Enamel Pin

We've just added an enamel pin featuring our logo (and mascot Rina), which you can pre-order from our website. If you'd like one of these pins - or one of our other items of merchandise - please order now, as we'll need to know how many to order from our suppliers fairly soon! There is no guarantee that the merchandise will be available to purchase at the convention.

Recommend your favourite authors

Terry Pratchett fans are obviously big readers - so we want to know what other authors you'd recommend to a fellow Pratchett fan. Please fill in this survey to help us prepare for the 'Author Speed Dating' event at the convention where our panellists - and you - can recommend authors and their books to the audience in under two minutes.

Important due dates to remember

Everything you need to know

Here are some quick reminder links about where to find out information about the convention:


1 Explaining the joke: Lights is another word for internal organs. This is something I learned from reading "Pyramids". Terry Pratchett - funny and educational.